Group of works and services for drilling services

Rental and repair of oilfield equipment

  • Screw downhole motors with the size range from 95mm to 210mm produced by “NOV
  • Downhole” and “Radius-Service”
  • hydromechanical drilling jars in the size range from 120mm to 203mm produced by NOV
  • Downhole and Cougar Drilling Solutions
  • Column lobe stabilizers and roller extenders
  • circulating PBL subwoofers manufactured by DSI
  • emergency tools produced by Bowen
  • roller extenders
  • Drilling bits PDC
  • hybrid chisels PDC
  • Service center for maintenance of downhole equipment
  • certified equipment
  • technological equipment and maintenance procedures of tools comply with international
  • standards of manufacturing plants
  • complete cycle of maintenance and repair of drilling equipment
  • highly qualified technical specialists have completed a full training course from foreign
  • suppliers of equipment and have the appropriate certificates
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