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Mechanical repair services

Equipped with 5-axis turning and milling machining centers DOOSAN, and 4-coordinate centers MILTRONIC for the manufacture of drilling tools. The equipment is provided with numerical software of the latest development in the field of engineering. That allows to make any details with high accuracy. This means that the workpiece is processed in five directions at once. They can do almost everything with an accuracy of one hundredth of a micron.

List of services:

  • manufacturing of drilling tools on 5-axis turning and milling machining centers DOOSAN
  • manufacturing of drilling tools at 4-axis machining center MILTRONIC
  • repair and cutting of threaded connections of premium class specifications: Vagt, Vam Top, Grand Prideco, Tenaris
  • a full range of works on repair and testing of tubing of standard sizes 2-3 / 8 “, 2-7 / 8”, 3-1 / 2 “
  • repair of drilling, casing pipes and BHA elements in accordance with API specification 7-1 and 5CT


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