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In Zhigermunayservis LLP, the process of manufacturing PDC bits for more than 40 sizes has been launched, followed by the repair of the bits after working. The main advantages of PDC bits (Polycrystalline Diamond Cutter) or chisels with polycrystalline diamond cutters with a steel body include the absence of moving parts in their design, high wear resistance, self-sharpening action of the cutters and low required axial load on the bit.

The uniqueness of the production of bits is expressed in the manufacture of complex geometric figures on a high-precision, 5-coordinate turning-processing center DOOSAN (South Korea) with numerical software.

The complete production cycle of PDC bits includes:  

  •  design of the bit design taking into account the well conditions
  • making bit details at the 5-axis machining center
  • soldering of incisors and hardfacing of carbide materials
  • processing of bit surfaces up to size
  • inspection
  • engineering support for drilling bits

After each use of the PDC, the PDCs are serviced and repaired. Repair is carried out on the patch repair site of PDC bits using the same technology as the preparation of new bits.

Process of designing and manufacturing of PDC bits of Zhigermunayservis LLP

The PDC chisel of our company is designed for drilling with a continuous bottomhole of vertical, directional and horizontal wells.

The main area of application of our bits is drilling in soft and medium rocks of II-IV hardness categories.

Service center for servicing drill bits PDC

  • complete cycle of maintenance and repair of PDC drill bits
  • technical specialists have completed a full course of training to carry out repairs at the highest
  • level and have the appropriate certificates


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